Crash Course on Environmentalism:

Duration: 7 days (with 2 days field Work)

Eligibility: No age bar, No qualifications  but strong Endaevour to do something for Nature and Natural Resources

Selection: First cum First basis but finalised by one to one discussion.

Main Issues Covered: Ecosystem functions, Earth, Man and Nature, Historical Perspective of Environmentalism, Major Env. ligislations, PIL, EIA, Value of Trees, Biodiversity, Field Work

Course Fee: Rs 2000/- (Field work in Station)

Rs. 4000/- ( Field work Out Station)

Course Date and Venue: Will be declared soon

Regular Environmental Science Course:

Duration: Two hours per day/ twice a week ( Min Contract Hr. 100)

Eligibility: For Regular School and University Students

Selection: Merit Based

Minimum Batch Size: 5

Tuition Fees: Rs 3000 per 100 hrs per students ( up to 3 no of students @ Rs 5000/- per students, for 4 no of students Rs. 4000/- per students and for 5 and above Rs. 3000/- per students.

Environmental Education For Kids:

Duration: Once in Week for Two and half months.

Eligibility: From Class Three (3) to Eight (8)

Eligibility: No eligibility

Selection: First cum first basis

Batch Size: Minimum 5

Course: Introduction to Planet Earth, Animal and Plant world by audio visual Group Activity like quize, gaming, painting and Talk show on Justori app and You Tube on Environment, Visit to Nature trails, Know your trees.

Course Fees: Rs 2000/- per kid

Details of the courses will be announced soon in leading Daily News Papers.








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