The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining Us! The FNN Environment Educator is not a blog site alone. This is a platform created by some like minded environmental enthusiasts who feels that there is some huge gaps which exist between the policy makers and environmental thinkers, the activists and researchers, the common man and the policy makers. This gap is so wide that when a tree is meaninglessly and mercilessly being hacked  down, then any one going to challenge the activity is being marked as antidevelopment agent(s). Even the common people, the shop owners or a pedestrian, a rickshaw puller or a driver all of whom knows the value of a tree in at least in the summer months, and enjoy it’s cool shed, seldom come forward and protest. No, this is not for fear of being marked out only, this happens also because the general people are not at all convinced about the value of a tree, at least in urban areas of this country and especially in West Bengal. And that happens even with strigent laws regarding the same in the country. Neither the govt. officials, including the police have any awarness about the same nor the general public. The same story is repeated in case of protection of water bodies or air pollution, solid waste pollution or the plastic menace. We have enough data, scientific knowledge, legislations, every thing but not enough trained people, enough mass awareness on the same. The man-animal conflict, biodiversity piracy, food safety, are all such issues which need serious address along with environmental disasters like fall out of climate change, illegal mining, death of rivers, water and marine pollution. Mitigating the same are real challenges to us but not even one percentage of the population are awared about it or even if they are awared, do not know what to do with it.

Many a time during the time of working in the field of Environment we strongly felt that we need to create a contemporary professional culture to takle this issue. Yes Environmentalism is not some very elitist or some highly intellectual, adrenalin driven activities of some very special people. No, it is a very mundane but most regular and not to be avoided, mandatory issue. An issue which needs to be as main frame as learning elementary reading and writing, going to schools, colleges or offices. An issue which needs to be discussed in tea shops beside the roads, in the Government offices and political parties cabins. It should be as regular as our morning news paper or the IPL or the mega soup operas. And for this we need to channelise all our information and data base to the general mass. And this blog will be one such try. It will be written both in English and Bengali languages for wide circulation and cover regular environmental issues, laws and ways to restore the same or provide meaningful solutions.

Apart from this The FNN Environmental Educator will run regular offline courses for all age groups with very affordable prices. Please visit our Services page for a clear idea. This not only is required for man power build up but also for revenue generation, as FNN neither receives any Public, Private or Corporate funds nor it is an NGO.

Join us now in this new adventure. Lets make environmentalism a living, a faith and lifestyle.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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