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Are you concerned about the felling of Trees, or do your heart pains for overflowing plastic menace, are you concerned about the Sundarbans and want do some thing for it, do your heart aches in seeing the plight of Elephants and WL of West Bengal, are you one of them who think nature and man are inseparable and rights of forest people and protection of wild life are inseparable or you are that person who is ready to know the connection between people, culture and biodiversity, or you are just an environmental enthusiast. What ever you are, a student, a learner, an activist or a commoner if your heart bits for our nature and natural resources and you are deeply concerned about plundering of nature by big corporates and business interests and want to do some thing about it, or just want to train yourself as an environmentalist, you have reached exactly at the right place. And if you think no, I am not at all an intellectual, thinking style, I am just a student, who wants to learn his subjects, do not worry we are ready to serve you. As it is you, the students who are the backbone of the system. Only our teaching and learning need to be a little bit more fun. Syllabus and notes would be shared but that may not be enough, as we strongly believe Environmental Consciousness is a critical index, once it is embedded with in your mind, you will be self driven to make it a living. Happy Learning.


Welcome to official website of the Friends of Wetlands and Wild Life and its face book platform Friends of Nature and Natural Resources. The Friends of Wetland and Wildlife was formed by environmental activist  Late Smt. Mukuta Mukherjee and Dr. Amitava Aich in 2003. This is now not only an NGO but also a online platform to disburse Environment related information, facts, discuss issues, policy matters and also update you regularly about our Training Programmes. The FWW now plans to cater community training programme for poor villagers near Protected Areas, especially in the STR. As you understand that any activity needs funds. Thus the FWW-FNN Environment Educator is a initiative to generate fund for all the Environmental movements in which we get ourselves involved, by catering, showcasing and selling our domain knowledge on environment to other or third party users on nominal payment basis.

The FWW-FNN Environment Educator also provide opportunities any environmental enthusiasts by guiding them on how to work on major environmental issues, what are those, how to make awarness on the same etc. We also coming with Training Programme on Sustainable Living, which will be organised in the back drops of  forests, mangroves or pristine coastal beaches. This is also a unique platform for Environmental Activists, where they get gradually all the information available to bring about Environmental Changes.

At the same time FWW-FNN Environment Educator is a platform for researchers, where they find new research topics of Interests.

Apart from the above we will regularly organise daily classes on various topics of Environmental Science based on current topics, assignments, dissertations and graduate level syllabus on yearly charge basis.

A very special package will be Nature Study Camp cum Environmental Crash Course for Dummies. Here any body of any age (10 to No upper age) can take part in a week long training, which contains two days mandatory field works. Based on the location of field works, the charges of the programme varies. But please do not worry, this will always be affordable.

Look for our blog portions for all new and regular updates and interesting writeup on Environmental issues.


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